How to Store Loose Leaf Tea:After Use Effectively with 5 Ways

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea:After Use Effectively with 5 Ways

To enjoy a cup of nice tea, it’s important, first and foremost, to store tea leaves well from deterioration. But how to store loose leaf tea? And how to slow down the oxidation process? 5 simple tips are listed below for anyone who are struggling with the preservation of loose tea leaf.

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea :1. Keep Away From Moisture

If the moisture content in the tea exceeds 5%, the quality of the tea will accelerate deterioration. In addition, promote the oxidation of the residual enzymes in the tea leaves. Thus, the color of tea leaves will change.

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea :2. Choose a sealed storage or a container

Different storage containers have different conditions, effects, and characteristics.5 common types of storage methods are listed, to show you how to store loose leaf tea.

【Plastic bags & Foil bags Storage Method】

It is better to choose a thick and dense plastic bag with a seal for holding food. Do not use plastic bags that are flavorful or remanufactured. After the tea leaves are placed, the air in the tea bag should be squeezed out as much as possible. 

Do not expose to sunlight after packing tea in transparent plastic bags. The principle of packing tea leaves in foil bags is similar to that of plastic bags. In addition, separate tea leaves in different packaging after purchasing is ideal. 

After being sealed, put in the refrigerator, and brew in batches to reduce the air contact, which delays the deterioration of quality.

【Metal Can】

Highly air-tight, opaque metal cans are the most ideal “original” tea storage method. Before storing, pay attention to whether there is any smell in the can. If any left, the smell can be removed by ventilation or by adding a few tea leaves. Please do not wash the metal can in order to avoid rust.

It is recommended to put the tea leaves together with the unsealed foil bag into the can to prevent the powder from getting stuck in the cracks of the tea can and cause odor confusion. Metal cans containing tea should be placed in a cool place, not in direct sunlight, peculiar smells, dampness, and heat sources. 

In this way, the cans are not easy to rust and can also slow down the deterioration of tea leaves. In addition, the tin can material is compact, which has a outstanding effect on preventing moisture, oxidation, light and peculiar smell.

【Earthenware Pot】

The inner wall of the earthenware pot is full of pores (without glaze), which can maintain a certain temperature and dryness, allowing the tea to continue to ferment when it is in contact with the air, and produce a “subtle change” in the smell. Store in a ventilated, dry, and odorless place to avoid stuffiness and moisture.

It is especially suitable for storing black tea leaves, which can transform the taste to a more mellow taste. Some people who know tea well would especially store high-quality tea leaves in a pot and enjoy it gradually over time to enjoy the process of changing the taste of tea.

【Glass Jar】

As the glass can transmit light, the taste of tea is easy to deteriorate under direct light. It is recommended to put the tea in an opaque and odorless bag before it can be stored in a sealed glass jar, and it must be kept in a cool place. Therefore, avoid light exposure to increase the temperature in the jar.

【Aluminum Foil Vacuum Bag】– The Simplest Storage Method

The aluminum foil vacuum bag prevents light and air humidity from affecting tea drying. If it is not opened, it can be stored in a cool & dry place.

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea :3. Avoid high temperatures and store in a cool place

Avoiding high temperatures is one of the most crucial part when we talk about how to store  leaf loose tea.

The higher the temperature, the more likely the tea leaves to turn brown. Low-temperature refrigeration (frozen) can effectively slow down the browning and aging of the tea.

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea :4. Avoid the sun light

Light also affects the quality of tea leaves. Especially if the tea leaves are placed under strong light for too long, it is easy to destroy the chlorophyll, making the tea leaves dark, and the quality deteriorates; at the same time, if it is exposed to the sun, it will also produce a sun-scented smell, making it difficult to drink.

How to Store Loose Leaf Tea :5. Keep away from strong odors

Tea leaves have strong moisture and smell absorption, and it is easy to absorb moisture and peculiar smell in the air. When we talk about how to store loose leaf tea, it’s important to keep tea leaves away from strong odors.

To summarize, the flavor quality of tea leaves come from the storage conditions. In addition to the strict control of moisture, storage of containers, avoiding high temperature, sunlight and sealing conditions to avoid smell effect.

Storage method tips: Control water content, avoid direct sunlight, store at low temperature, and deoxidize vacuum packaging. Outer packaging material: opaque plastic bag, metal or paper can, aluminum foil bag can isolate the air.

Home preservation: Tea leaves are products that can be stored for a long time as long as it is stored properly. Such as “keep dry, avoid inhaling peculiar smell, and avoid direct sunlight”.

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