Loose Tea Leaves vs Tea Bags

1.Loose Tea Leaves VS Tea Bags

Whether it is loose tea leaf or tea bag, both are equally good. The key is the trade-off between price and convenience. Making a cup of tea every day has become a part of many people’s lives. In addition to using a teapot for brewing, tea bags that can be quickly brewed in a busy life have taken up a large part of daily routine. No matter it is at home, hotels, or restaurants, there are traces of tea bags everywhere.

  • Loose Tea Leaves:The appearance is relatively complete compared to tea bags. When using loose tea leaves to make a cup of tea, the tea leaves can be circulated and stretched in boiling water. The complete stretch of the tea leaves means that maximum flavor and color can be extracted from the loose tea leaves.
  • Tea Bags:The convenience of tea bag comes from the fact that the tea bag can be taken out directly after brewing, without the need for additional filtering. It is a fast and convenient support for busy folks now. There are also many brands of different flavors on the market to choose from. In addition to flavors, the appearance of tea bags is different. Some are flat style tea bags, some are pyramid tea bags. What is the differences between these two?

2.Pyramid Tea Bags VS Flat Style Tea Bags

The main difference between a flat style bags and pyramid tea bags in appearance is the stretching space of tea leaves.

  • Pyramid Tea Bags:

Tea bags most contain original tea leaves. This is because original tea leaves need more stretching space, so that the tea leaves can absorb enough water to fully release the tea flavor.

The pyramid tea bags’ design just meet the requirements. Especially the oolong tea leaves in Taiwan, which are refined to spherical shape oolong tea leaves. After brewing, the tea leaves will expand after absorbing water. If there is not enough space in the tea bag, the taste of the tea leaves will not be released easily, which affect the flavor presentation.

  • Flat Style Tea Bags:

Most of the tea leaves are grounded. Although it is not at high price of tea, the tea taste is thick, and it will easily become bitter if brewed for too long. However, at an affordable price, these kinds of tea bags can be found everywhere.