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No Matter Where You Are, You Can Easily Participate In Our Courses And Quickly Learn The Essence Of Tea

Global Modern Tea Academy

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Completely teaches courses on core tea drinks, easily transforming novice beginners to masters

Sharing Knowledge

Non-traditional teaching methods, not withholding any secrets

Core Techniques

Learn core techniques, allowing you to innovate and create value

Exclusive Flavors

Leading industry in quality and flavor with exclusive raw material profit advantage

Global Modern Tea Academy

We teach you knowledge and techniques that you can apply

Trendy Drinks

Grasps the world's lastest trends and teaches popular drinks from around the world


Analyze the characteristics of tea and unique application techniques allowing you to create exclusive style drinks and easily face market challenges and transformations

30 Years of Global Raw Material Supply Experience

Long time supplier of large chain brands and various outlets, familiarizing us with the development of the beverage market

Unique Innovative Flavors

Give tea an extraordinary soul with unqiue and distinct tea aroma and taste

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