Different Types of Boba:Introduction of Flavors & Ingredients

Different Types of Boba:Introduction of Flavors & Ingredients

Bubble milk tea, which is popular all over the world:

Bubble milk tea, which is popular all over the world, composed of tapioca balls and milk tea. Different types of boba tapioca balls are soaked in sugar syrup or honey, then mix with the milk tea. Its chewy taste adds more richness to the drink and make it become a popular choice in market.

Different Types of Boba:

No matter what types of boba, the main ingredients are starch, water and sugar (mainly use tapioca powder (or potato, sweet potato powder, etc.) Because of the properties of starch, cooked tapioca pearls naturally taste very chewy.

(1) White Tapioca: No sugar or coloring added, translucent appearance
(2) Brown sugar Tapioca: Brown sugar is added during the process , which has the taste of brown sugar
(3) Colorful Tapioca: Adding different juice or pigment
(4) Filling Tapioca: The most common is filled with red bean paste.

Different Types of Milk Tea:

Milk teas come in a variety of options, like Assam, Ceylon black tea, Jasmine green tea or oolong tea bases are all suitable for milk tea.

Here are some recommend perfect milk tea bases from HighTea.

(1) Premium Vintage Black Tea Leaf: Selected from 1500m Assam Black Tea leaf, strong in aroma, thick in tea sense. The tea leaves are roasted to release its natural sugar aroma of roasted chestnuts and ripe sweet potatoes
(2) Popcorn Flavor Black Tea Bag: Rich & sweet caramel taste
(3) Classic Brown Sugar Milk Tea: Blend of Taiwanese brown sugar, New Zealand’s milk powder, and rich Assam black tea. Creating an excellent, sweet, and memorable taste.
(4) Caramel Milk Tea Powder: Selected mellow Assam black tea blended with fragrant New Zealand milk, presenting an excellent balance of tea and milk.

HighTea has a variety of rich aroma milk tea products, with charming & chewy bubbles, you can easily make a cup of tasty bubble milk tea.

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