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Where Can You Find Raw Material Suppliers

At first, you can search for beverage raw material suppliers through the internet. The boba/bubble tea suppliers wholesale of beverage raw materials on the market can be self-owned factories, wholesalers, or food product providers. The self-owned factories belong to tea material manufacturers. With international production standard, R&D team, and sales consultants…etc.

Wholesalers usually do not have a factory, they order cargo from manufacturers and changes to their own brand. The flavor is relatively simple, products cannot be customized, and no international sales experiences. Food product providers mainly offer products and the tea materials for service. Based on the above comparisons, it is recommended to find a professional tea supplier. It can provide items and professional suggestions for the flavors you need, and also provide 100% customized solutions, saving the time of getting samples and testing raw materials in the early stage.

Four Things to Consider when Choosing Suppliers

Stable Quality & Peace of Mind

Generally, tea material suppliers would send the products to the SGS for inspection. The inspection report is valid for one year. Some boba/bubble tea suppliers wholesale only provide the inspection reports annually, which cannot really implement the safety control of the raw materials.

In the case of developing a chain business in the future, the choice of boba/bubble tea suppliers wholesale is extremely crucial. Various international professional certifications, such as ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, HACCP, halal certification, and FDA, will become important passports for subsequent expansion of the world.

Professional & Innovative Products

Purchasing machinery & equipment, and combining products with machines can create a market niche, but most of tea materials manufacturers are reluctant to spend a lot of money on purchasing machines. Professional tea makers carefully select special ingredients from different countries. Moreover, blending the flavors of different tea species and consider the multi-level tea aroma produced in various seasons. Thus, develop unique tea products and accurately confirm the taste. Combined the strengths of self-owned factory with 100% customized service, will strengthen the stable quality. If operating in a chain system in the future, it is better to choose a raw material manufacturer with a professional quality control center. Strictly control the flavor, and greatly reduce the instability caused by crops.

Complete Service

Professional beverage consultants can meet your needs, with years of market experience and complete after-sales service from domestic to overseas, allowing shop owners to open and expand without concerns.

Training Session

In general, the training session on the market are formula driven. Teaching style is surrounded by the drinks creations from the trainer. In other words, tea knowledge and principles are not focused. With the existing drink recipes and SOP, after the end of the course, customers will go back to develop a new menu and apply the course drinks. However, until it is about time to create a new menu, the flexibility is limited. If planning open a store in the future, you will need to find raw material and equipment boba/bubble tea suppliers wholesale to re-test the flavor, which will take a long time and increase costs. Moreover, each manufacturer has certain cooperation conditions, such as freight, unit price, etc. If you want to reduce costs, you must stock up, and the working capital will be stuck in inventory. Cooperating with each manufacturer’s cooperation conditions will easily lead to high expenditure costs, slow turnover, and relatively high scrap rate.

PEI CHEN’s Strengths & Services

PEI CHEN provides free sales consulting services. Providing the most suitable beverage raw material according to your store type, style, needs, budget, and operation procedure. PEI CHEN can solve the above problems, which saves lots of time and cost. The original intention of setting up Modern Tea Academy is to provide the complete course plan.

Not only train the students as the R&D of the chain brand, but also provide knowhow of chain brand. From simple to deep knowledge, repeated practice, let you actually learn the core technique. The tea knowledge and principles in the teaching course allow students to quickly understand and distinguish tea leaves, leaf processes, and flavor analysis, which can be applied to create new beverage menus that satisfy will market trends.

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