Bubble Tea Franchise: Let’s Start a Tea Business

Boba / Bubble Tea Franchise: Let’s Start a Tea Business

Boba / Bubble Tea Franchise Fee:

As long as you have prepared the boba / bubble tea franchise fee, it could help you open the store well, but you must consider the size of the boba / bubble tea franchis brand. The well-known brand boba / bubble tea franchise is about 70,000 USD or more. For a self-created brand, every link from brand positioning, menu design, information collection, store cost, purchase of equipment and raw materials, and marketing planning has to be figured out by oneself. Comparing the two, it seems that boba / bubble tea franchise is much easier to join. However, the use of other brands must fully comply with the specifications and contract, and the scope of restrictions is also large. If you cannot agree with the business philosophy and branding, there may be some unnecessary conflicts in the future. Franchising and self-created brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus, it is recommended to choose one according to your own plans and needs.

Boba / Bubble Tea Franchise – Rent:

The rent mainly depends on the location and the size of the shop. A good location will attract people to purchase. Busy and crowded business districts, such as areas with densely populated commercial buildings, school districts, and night markets. Those places usually face the main roads or the alleys are adjacent to the main roads. It is necessary to further analyze factors such as population composition, consuming ability, and the competitiveness of other nearby beverage stores. It is recommended to compare different store locations and choose the most suitable location.

Boba / Bubble Tea Franchise – Machinery:

One must have good tools in order to do a good job. Useful equipment allows you to reduce operating hours and manpower. For basic shop opening equipment such as: ice maker, fructose machine, sealing machine, POS machine, refrigerator, workbench (including refrigerator), tea brewer, induction cooker, etc. The total cost is about 10,000 USD. If you want to keep the cost lower, buying used ones could be an option too.

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