High Tea Factory Store

Presenting High Quality Products At Affordable Prices

High Tea is a Global Tea Museum

We collects all kinds of unique tea raw materials from all over the world. With a magical touch of the hand, it creates all-inclusive innovative tea products with satisfying tea fragrances. Moreover, immerses people into the pleasure, joy, and happiness brought by High Tea

What is a Factory Store?

High Tea collects the best from the world and shares the joy with affordable price Allows customers to enjoy the joy and satisfaction brought by high quality and affordable products

High Tea's Commitment to Safety

You won’t know how good High Tea is until you’ve tried it! Enjoy high end tea with exquisite flavors at an affordable price

Safe and Secure

Batch inspections of raw materials to ensure product safety

Safety Certifications

Whole production process has passed FSSC2200, ISO22000, HACCP and other international food safety certifications

SGS Qualified Packaging Materials

Uses SGS to inspects qualified packaging material to ensure no toxin dissolution problems

Liability Insurance of 32 Million NTD

32 million NTD liability insuarance for all products

Void of Artificial Preservatives

No artificial preservatives and other harmful ingredients are used

High Quality, Valuable Products

Our self-owned factory produces and sells prodcuts, saving on channel costs and excessive packaging so that you can have better quality at an affordable price compared to other products on the market

Unique Tea Aroma and Plentiful Feelings

From contract production, flavor R&D, taste confirmation, to packaging, we aim to perfect every detail, using delicate and strict control to create “unparalleled flavors cultivated through time.” With “high quality and affordability” in mind, the factory store presents prodcuts that deeply touch customers